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The AMMA is the only Association of Evidence Based Medical Acupuncture Professionals in the USA.  A Non-Profit Corporation Serving All Members of the Health Care Community Who Serve the Public Health Through Manual Therapy.
          Mission Statement

An Innovative and Dynamic National Association for Manual Therapists

The American Manual Medicine Association was specifically created to represent you. Our primary goal is to assist you in the growth, image and protection of your profession.  The AMMA seeks to promote Manual Therapy as an allied health care profession.  This goal is achieved through professional standards, education, and testing.

As our opportunities in the allied health field develop, the AMMA wants to ensure that patients receive safe and scientific methods of therapy.  It is imperative that laws and policies regulating manual therapy set the highest standards of education and health care.  If we do not define the values then we will find them being defined for us.  Qualified manual therapists and acupuncturists must prepare for future regulation and establish our position in both the public and clinical arena.

The AMMA is currently promoting manual therapy and medical acupuncture throughout the US by conducting seminars for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists, and acupuncturists.  The AMMA has established programs that assist you in your practice of manual therapy. The ultimate goal of the AMMA is to establish manual therapy as valid therapy in health care facilities through education and awareness.

We now offer two levels of National Certification Examinations to measure your professional knowledge and skills.  The recognition achieved by passing these examinations is both rewarding and deserved.  Get your Exam Information here.

The intent of the AMMA is not to set a record in the quantity of membership but rather in the quality of members.  If you feel this association can benefit you we invite you to join and grow with us.


The American Manual Medicine Association's mission statement expresses the stable and enduring identity of the AMMA in terms of the reason for its existence and role in medicine and society. The purpose, goals and activities of the AMMA are guided by this mission.

This mission expresses our commitment to education, training and testing:

Educational Purpose

The AMMA exists to support and assist the building of state associations and improve the practice of manual therapy and manual acupuncture worldwide by promoting the development and practice of evidence-based medicine through continuing medical education.

Committed to the principle that truth is revealed by wisdom and knowledge through research, the AMMA seeks to relate manual arts education to the needs of contemporary society. The AMMA curricular approach is designed to combine evidence and learning in order to advance understanding and application of science and philosophy.

Training the next generation of leaders in manual medicine

The American Manual Medicine Association's Mission includes:

1 -   Training of clinicians to provide excellent medical care for a broad range of patient problems; with the best available training in primary care and manual medicine.

2 -   Prepare graduates to function in the rapidly changing environment of medical care; through the provision of training to assume a leadership position in health care under conditions of continual reform.

3 -   Maximize efficiency to insure that all activities by the AMMA balance traditional providers with modern principles and practices.

Testing and National Board Certification

The National Board Certification Agency (NBCA) and National Board Certification Examination (NBCE) in Manual Therapy and Medical Acupuncture mission includes:

The American Manual Medicine Association provides NBCA Diplomate status to qualified members. The AMMA NBCE program in manual therapy has the highest application standards and National Board Examination testing of any examination offered in the field of manual medicine.

The AMMA acupuncture NBCE is the only examination process for practitioners who have been specifically trained in the science and techniques of medical acupuncture. Through an evidence-based exam, rather than a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) examination process, the AMMA provides two levels of National Board Certification, Certified Practical Acupuncturist (P.Ac.) and NBC Diplomate Acupuncturist (D.Ac.). To this end, we invite all qualified individuals to join the AMMA and advance the knowledge base of manual medicine through education, training and ethics in medicine.

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